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International Trusted Trader has been developed for world wide product sourcing and vending.
This website enables business to search for buyers who have placed their requirements , suppliers of what service they can offer.
International Trusted Trader is a service dedicated to businesses that conduct world-wide trade. International Trusted Trader has been developed to benefit all businesses/ industries, whether primary, secondary or tertiary.
This website enables a business to search for buyers who have advertised their trade requirements on this platform and a business to search for sellers who have advertised the products and services they seek to buy.

In simple terms this platform serves as a notice board for all interested and legally operating businesses to see the advertisements of potential sellers and buyers, identify suitable sellers/ buyers, contact them using the details provided on this platform and then deal directly with the identified entities that may fulfil their trade requirements.

Subscribers to our service may offer to buy or sell on the basis of the information provided on the platform or provided in the course of their subsequent discussion/ interaction.

This website provides a B2B (Business to business) platform for international businesses, It is the responsibility of the users of this platform to conduct any appropriate due diligence of the other users they deal with.

This website does not take any commission or fees on transactions between buyers and sellers.